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Most frequently used free online fluid flow calculators for every day flow problems solving. Twenty calculators for desktop and Android smartphones with more to come...

Everyday Calculators

Control valve sizing

Calculate flow coefficient Cv or Kv of liquid control valve for known flow capacity and pressure difference.

Natural gas pipeline

Calculate flow rate from known pressure difference in natural gas line with pressure above 1 bar

Compressible gas flow

Isothermal (T=const.) flow calculation of any real gas in a closed pipe.

Gas discharge flow

Calculate flow rate of compressible gas discharging through valve or pipe to atmosphere.

Reynolds number

Calculate Reynolds number from Input velocity, or volumetric, or mass flow rate.

Gas control valve sizing

Calculate maximum capacity of control valve or pressure regulator for known upstream and downstream pressure.

Heat energy

Calculate heat energy for known weight or volume flow rate, temperature difference and specific heat.

Resistance coefficient K

Calculate resistance coefficient K for most common local pipe resistances.

Venturi tube

Calculate flow rate through Venturi tube based on the created pressure drop by Venturi effect.

Nozzle flow

Calculate Nozzle flow rate for known pressure difference

and even more...

LPG flow and combustion power

Calculate combustion power or flow rate of LPG. Calculate gas and phase pipe diameters

Prandtl probe and Pitot tube

Calculate velocity of fluid flow in pipe or open stream by measured dynamic pressure with Prandtl probe and Pitot tube

API and Baume specific gravitiy

Convert between API and Baume specific gravity. Calculator applicable for oils and other liquids

Combustion heat energy

Fuel combustion heat energy calculator is for calculation of heat energy (heat power) that is released during combustion of specified fuel for known fuel flow rate

Fluid mechanics learning

Every single calculator is supported with flow theory explanation for your reference and full understanding of calculation process.

Use solved examples for quick start and short learning curve for this basically simple flow calculators.
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Smart phone Calculators

Pipe diameter

Calculate pipe diameter for given flow rate. Applicable for liquids and gases.

Heat power

Calculate heat power for known flow rate and temperature difference in the heat exchanger

Reynolds number

Calculate Reynolds number of fluid flow for given flow velocity and fluid viscosity.