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At this moment it is not possible to download any of the available calculators that you have already used on this site(read terms of service).

Instead of download, you can use online calculators for free. To start online calculator, you should click CALCULATOR blue button on calculator page. If you can't see that button, please read instructions page.

Also selling is not a option at this moment. Instead of selling calculators, I have decided to offer this service free of any charge, through Java applets that anyone with Internet connection can use. In this way you always use the most recent version of calculator.

As thousands of users are every day using calculators, eventual bugs are instantly reported and immediately fixed.

Enjoy to use this free service, and if you have any comments feel free to contact me.

Most wanted Calculators

Pressure drop

Calculate pressure drop due to friction or local resistances or calculate flow rate for known pressure drop in closed round or rectangle pipe.

Pipe diameter

Calculate pipe diameter for known flow rate and velocity or calculate flow velocity for known pipe diameter and flow rate.

Orifice plate

Calculate flow rate in pipe using orifice plate based on the created pressure drop and calculate flow velocity in front of orifice plate and in the throat.

Air flow

Isothermal (T=const.) flow of air in a closed pipe calculation. Calculate air pressure drop for known flow rate in a pipe.