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Step 4: download

Finally, download the Pipe flow calculator by clicking the image on the right. Latest Java™ run time environment has to be installed and enabled in web browser (view step 3). You might be notified to allow Java plug-in to run in your browser. If you need more information please read detailed instructions and requirements.

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Pipe flow calculators key features

  1. Pack of sixteen pipe flow calculators in one application
  2. Productive tool for every day flow calculations
  3. Multiple calculation scenarios for each calculator
  4. Easy switch between metric and imperial units
  5. Copy and save calculation results
  6. Every calculator is backed with used theory and equations
  7. Always use the latest version with automatic update
  8. Stay connected with developer and community through social channels
  9. Used by thousands of engineers, students, professors and other professionals every day

After calculator is downloaded it will start automatically. Next time, you can start calculator from this page.

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