Instructions to open and run flow calculators

all steps required and how to complete it

These instructions are for calculators that are to be installed as Java Web Start Application. Windows 64bit users can instead download application from calculators download page. Registered account and subscription is also required. Full instructions can be found on calculator download page.

First steps

First of all you have to be sure that you have Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed on your desktop or laptop, version 1.8 or newer. You can check it by typing "java -version" in your command line. If you receive information about your JRE installation and the version installed is 1.8+, than you will be able to use calculator.

Once JRE is confirmed, you should register account on It is the other web site that servers web calculators, but those calculators are not for download. You only need that account (user name & password) to login to this calculator. After registration you have to confirm it from your email.

After that, you will be able to select subscription plan from here.

The next thing that you have to do is to download calculator from web page like this, by clicking on the image:

You might be requested from your browser to accept Java to start. Once started, Java splash screen will show.

After that calculator will start to open.

When calculator is downloaded and initiated, you will have to provide your account details (user name & password) registered earlier and after successful login calculator will be activated.

How you can start application on your desktop/laptop?

Desktop/laptop application can be downloaded to your computer and launched in four different ways:

Launch application from a browser

Launch application from Application cache viewer

Launch application from desktop icon

Launch application from the Command Prompt

That’s it. I hope you will love it.

If you need further assistance please email me, or find me on Facebook.


Desktop calculators are no longer served as applets through browser java plug-in. Calculators are now available for download and can be used as Java Web Start application from the web. Using this technology, you will always use most recent version of this software. Read more about Java Web Start technology.


To download and use calculators you must have Java run time environment (JRE version 1.8+) installed on your computer. Download JRE from here. Calculators should work fine on any operating system on which JRE is working.

Security and privacy

Pipe flow calculators is digitally signed application by trusted authority. During installation process you will be informed about me as a publisher of this application.

There are three functionalities that are required for application to work.

Only for these three functionalities you are required to accept unrestricted access to your computer by this application.

Rear more about privacy policy.


Development and delivery of pipe flow calculators for more than 15 years was funded by advertisements displayed on the web page from where calculator applet was accessible. Now, you can download calculator to your desktop, start it with one click activation without required interaction with the web page itself. Due to that fact, another way of funding this project was required and I have selected subscription model. Subscription fees will be based on the selected subscription length. Subscribed users will have full access to all desktop and web calculators.

I hope that you will find calculators useful in your every day job and that supporting this project through subscription will be acceptable in terms of the value that you get for the money.

View and select subscription plan from here.