This web site is offering pipe flow calculators for everyday problem solving in the field of fluid dynamics. Many desktop and online server side calculators, as well as three calculators for Android smartphone, are available now.

This web site offers a simplified resolution of less and medium complex fluid mechanics problems, primarily in the part of fluid motion and fluid dynamics.

A large number of calculators solved practical examples, theoretical explanation with corresponding equations allow finding a correct approach to solving practical problems, which we meet in every day practical work.

I am Mechanical engineer for hydropneumatic technique, with more than 15 years of engineering experience in the field of pipeline and piping design and construction, metering and regulating of gaseous and liquid hydrocarbons, water and air.

The first calculator – Venturi tube calculator was created and published on the Aug 1st, 2000 on a free domain (, which is no longer active. Since then, additional calculators – Java applets for desktop computers were created as well as 3 calculators for Android devices and several calculators that work on the server side. In addition, I have created and published a significant number of texts that are showing a theoretical background of applied fluid mechanics in calculators.

Further development of new and improvement of existing calculators, as well as new content adding, are part of the vision that this web site will become and stay default place where practical problems in the field of fluid mechanics will be solved on the simple and correct way, on a daily basis.

After the project has started in the year 2000, instantly it was a success and appreciated by a number of professionals, professors, and students. Positive comments and my commitment to Java and programming, in general, pushed the development that later followed.

During the past 20 years, I have redesigned the web site multiple times. In addition, the calculator evolved on its own from AWT to SWING, from Java applet to web start application and to native Windows application. In the meantime, I have developed also a server-side version of the calculators and all is now available under one single domain name –

In the early days, calculators were available only as online Java applets, served from the free hosting account on the Later, once the advertising program with GlobalSpec and AdSense started, I moved the web site to the paid servers with a dedicated domain name. The first domain was, and later I registered

In August 2016, when calculators started to be available for download as a Web Start Java application, I have introduced the paid subscription. Nowadays, a number of subscribed users is rising every day, I am assured that you, as my valued customers, are appreciating my work and my passion for engineering calculations and computer programming and that you are recognizing my dedication to this project.

Calculators and web site development over time

Year Month Milestone
2000 August Registered free domain
2000 August Venturi tube calculator published
2001 January Prandtl probe and Reynolds number calculator published
2005 May Orifice plate calculator published
2005 November Invited to the GlobalSpec publisher program
2005 December Registered domain on
2005 December Involved in AdSense publisher program
2006 January Pressure drop calculator published
2006 February Thermal energy calculator published
2006 February Natural gas pipeline calculator published
2006 May Register domain
2007 March LPG piping calculator publish published
2007 April Air pressure drop calculator published
2007 May Pipe diameter calculator published
2010 February Started forum on
2010 August Resistance coefficient K calculator published
2011 April Gas control valve sizing calculator published
2011 April Nozzle calculator published
2011 April Isothermal gas flow calculator published
2012 February Gas discharge calculator published
2012 August Specific gravity calculator published
2013 January Pipe diameter calculator for Android published
2013 May Reynolds number calculator for Android published
2014 January Registered account on and new domain
2014 April Combustion energy online calculators published
2015 January Heat power calculator for Android published
2015 March Android calculators redesigned and published
2015 October Pressure drop calculator, Orifice plate calculator, pipe diameter online calculators published
2015 October Combustion energy online calculator redesigned and published
2015 November Venturi tube online calculators published
2015 November Nozzle online calculators published
2015 December Delivery time online calculators published
2019 January Redesign of to JSF web application
2019 January Abandoned
2019 January Specific gravity, heat power, control valve and gas control valve online calculators published
2019 January Reynolds number, LPG flow online calculators published
2019 May Moved to Virtual private server
2019 June Pipe weight and price online calculator
2019 September Significant updates including save/open results, integrated fluid table, etc.

During this period, I have developed many custom calculators according to user’s requests. In addition, I have redesigned the web site and the calculator applet several times.