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If you have already registered account and subscribed to the service, you can download and start it by clicking the image bellow.

If not, please follow this 4 steps instructions to get the calculator and make it work.

Pipe flow calculators, latest update 3rd November 2018
Required - Java™ 1.8+

You can start calculator in several other ways also, as described in details on the instructions and requirements page, in the section: "How you can start application on your desktop/laptop?".

In short, you can start calculator from:

    1. desktop shortcut if you have created one during installation,
    2. Java™ Control Panel - cache viewer, under Temporary Internet Files section, by clicking view... button and selecting Pipe Flow Calculators from the list,
    3. command prompt/terminal on your desktop/laptop computer by typing: javaws http://www.pipeflowcalculations.com/applets/launch.jnlp.