Get pipe flow calculator

and make it work in few steps

This table has all links required for successful calculators deployment on your computer.

Step no. Activity Requirements Link More information

Method 1 - Calculator as Java Web Start standalone application

1 Get Java™ It is free and great download JRE read more
2 Start calculator as Java Web Start application Java™ from the step 1 start calculator read more

Alternative method 2 - Calculator as regular installation

1a Download calculator installation file Only for Windows 64bit download calculator read more

Also required steps

3 Register account at you will need e-mail only registration page read more
4 Subscribe for the full service Registered account from the step 3 and online payment subscription page read more

get Java™

Pipe flow calculator requires Java™ Runtime Environment – JRE version 1.8+, suitable for your operating system. Calculator is independent of operating system. It can work on Windows, MacOS and Linux desktop or laptop computers. Get the latest Java™ Runtime Environment for your desktop/laptop from here. Read more about web start technology. If you have concerns about Java™security please read the following text.

start calculator

Start the Pipe flow calculator from the start page.


At the moment only Windows 64 bit users can skip Java installation as separate step and can download installation .exe file.

Download calculator
Download size: 45 MB
Windows 64bit users only


Register your account on registration page. Select user name, password and enter valid email. You will instantly receive registration confirmation email to confirm your registration and activate account. Click on link provided in the activation email to activate account. You will once more receive instant email confirming that your account is activated. This time no action is required from you. Read more about privacy.


Subscribe to full service at subscription page. Select one out of three available subscription plans. Each plan is time limited and gives you access to all services on and web site including pipe flow calculator for download. Read more about software as a service agreement and subscription goals.