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Gas control valve calculator

calculation of flow coefficient - Cg or Kg

Control valves and pressure regulators for pressures up to 100 bar are covered in EN334. This gas control valve sizing calculator is based on the same standard.

Flow coefficient Cg and Kg are used to compare capacities of control valves from different manufacturers.

For known flow coefficient Cg or Kg of some gas control valve you can calculate that control valve capacity for known upstream and downstream pressure of pressure regulator with this calculator.

If you know gas control valve capacity and upstream and downstream pressure of pressure regulator, you can calculate control valve flow coefficient, either Cg or Kg, with this calculator too. With that calculated value of flow coefficient you can pick correct pressure regulator from manufacturer's table.

Equation used in the calculator is:
Gas control valve coefficient.
Read more about used theory here.

For incompressible flow - for liquids, you should use control valve calculator, as this - gas control valve calculator is for compressible flow.

Water steam table gives values of physical properties of saturated steam for temperatures from 0 to 370 C and pressures from 0.0061 to 210.53 bar at boiling point.

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