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Air flow calculator

compressible air flow calculation

Air is used for many applications in the industry. Compressible air flow and pressure drop calculator can be used for air flow through round closed pipe. Pressure drop or flow rate can be calculated, as temperature is considered to be constant.

Compressible air flow calculator can be used for both laminar and turbulent flow. It can calculate pressure drop or flow rate through a pipe including friction losses and local pressure losses calculation.

Compressible air flow calculation is based on the pressure drop equation in isothermal flow. Pressure losses calculation due to friction are using friction factor values and pressure losses due to local resistances like fittings and valves are using resistance coefficient K values. Flow mean velocity for known flow rate and pipe diameter is also used in calculator. Values of Reynolds number and flow regime - laminar or turbulent are also presented. Pressure difference due to change of height is not included in this version of calculator.

Equation used in the calculator is:
Isothermal gas flow pressure drop.
Read more about used theory here.

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